Environment / Climate Change

Why we do?

Environment consists of soil, wind, water,
animals, flora etc. and human but only the human is polluting and harmful to all others and eventually we are & are going to be very often victimized of flood, tidal bore, river erosion, cyclone, drought, salinity intrusion etc

Why we do?

We create an environment to disseminate

the tips-off climate change mitigation and adaptation. We install renewable energy like solar system for lightening, solar streetlight, solar irrigation pump, biogas produced from animal dunk, and improved cooking system for cooking, tree plantation. Besides, we create public awareness against using combustible energy, massive industrialization, brick filed etc. and encourage to agriculture development through integrated forming and extension & agricultural technologies & proper management of natural resources like Biodiversity conservation, Fisheries & Livestock.


What’s in mind?

ADAMS envisages to creating a pollution free green world making people conscious of climate change and how it affects & threats on the components of the environment including the existence of human civilization.



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ADAMS (Head Office)
130, Kedernath Road, Moheswar Pasha
Daulatpur, KUET-9203, Khulna.
Phone: +(88) 041 774426, 041 774048
For General Enquiries: info@adams-bd.org

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