Sustainable livelihood

Why we do?

ADAMS believes & realizes that the poorer are not poor

mentally and physically rather, in most cases; they are depressed and deprived by existing authorities & higher class people despite having capabilities. It is open secret that the existing norms or loan /credit provisions are not in favour of the poor for its security issues, unnecessary formalities, harassments, unfair means and high interest rate etc. Going to a money lender can be more dangerous for a poor as they use to exploit them nakedly, forcedly and frequently. In our study, women are depressed domestically and nationally in spite of being more conscious, dutiful, disciplined and economical so, our first priority is to support the women.


Why we do?
ADAMS creates opportunity for the poor slum and rural dwelling women. It provides

livelihood support for Income Generating Activities (IGAs) of the poor people including women through integrated start-up capital support program with soft interest. This initiative makes target people capacitated, enhanced income and empowerment through collective efforts of self-help groups. ADAMS also provides small and medium enterprise (SME) credits for potential women entrepreneurship development.


What’s in mind?

As ADAMS believes in equality on principle, it wants to boost the marginalized people to join the main stream of live through education, vocational training, awareness training, socio-economic development and microcredit support with soft interest.



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