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ADAMS initially focused on hard-core poor and underprivileged people of both rural and urban area bringing about positive change in their attitude and place them in the main walk of the society. Over the year we have moved towards integrated programs to transform human deprivation into human resources undertaking development initiatives and resilience.

Given priority to the under privileged people of both rural and urban area of our work enables us tackle the root causes of poverty and inequality. Working with diversified people, partners, donors and civil society platforms and reaching millions of beneficiaries, ADAMS creates lasting change by strengthening marginalized, excluded and ultra-poor communities. We provides livelihood support for Income Generating Activities (IGAs) of poor people including women through integrated start-up capital support program.

Our dedicated team implement programs that encompass sustainable livelihood, capacity building, and education program for both adult and child, health & WATSAN, climate change adaptation and mitigation, food security, disaster management and emergency response with the support of valued partners, donors including government agencies of Bangladesh.

All our activities are under pinned by right-based approach and empowerment of youth including women.


We work for

We work for extremely poor people in rural and urban areas in the south western parts of the country, especially those trapped in a set of unequal power relations,limited access to security and well being as well as equitable social, economic and environmental outcomes.




Area We Cover

Time Line:

    • 1994

      Commenced its journey with a view to bring changes in the lives of under privileged people of the rural areas.
    • 1997

      To improve socio economic development of underprivileged women of the rural areas in Mollahat, Bagerhat, Women Development Program (WDP) took place.

    • 1998

      Start Relief activities for flood affected people and also start Rehabilitation program for those affected people in the south-western parts of the country. ADAMS also took part in the deadliest Sidar and Ayla relief and rehabilitation programs.

    • 1999

      To bring sustainable changes through education program for girls to improve the vulnerable socio economic condition and reducing discriminating income abilities of the poorest of the poor in rural areas in Mollahat, Bagerhat, ADAMS started Integrated Income Generating Project for Secondary Girls Education (IIGPSGE) and ADAMS Secondary Girls Assistance & Self-reliant Integrated Project (ADAMS-SGASIP).

    • 2001

      Arsenic is one of the fatal drawbacks in Bangladesh especially rural area. Given importance on health, we start Integrated National Program on Arsenic Mitigation and Promotion of Public Health program in the arsenic prone areas in Khulna and Bagerhat districts.
    • 2002

      For the improvement of quality of life of the slum dwelling people of selected 35 slum areas of Khulna City Corporation through providing the preprimary education for the slum dwelling children and micro credit assistance to support the slum dwelling poor beneficiaries for adopting suitable Income Generating Activities (IGA) ADAMS launched Integrated Assistance for Slum Dwellers (IASD) project.
    • 2004

      To organize rootless, socially neglected, economically deprived, highly marginalized slum dwelling women, adolescent and young boys/girls in such a way that they can individually or by group employ themselves for self-reliant, ADAMS has established Vocational Training Institute named ADAMS Integrated Training Center (AITC) in Mollahat, Bagerhat.
    • 2007

      ADAMS has been working on health and nutrition for the poor people in the slum areas as well as rural areas through Motivational Centers (MCs) since 1998. To provide preventive and curative health support in rural area ADAMS inaugurated ADAMS Mother & Child Healthcare Center (AMCHC) to ensure better health support.
    • 2008

      To bring the young people on the platform from where they can value their lives avoiding deviation as well as to inspire the poverty stricken young slum dwelling generation in restoring cultural and family values ADAMS has established ADAMS Integrated Training Institute (AITI) which will transfer technology to potential slum dwellers people for development and livelihood earning.
    • 2009

      Bangladesh has been experiencing considerable economic growth which demand huge energy supply for electrification. IDCOL started the SHS program in January 2003 to fulfill basic electricity requirement of the off-grid rural people of Bangladesh as well as supplement the Government’s vision of ensuring access to electricity for all citizens of Bangladesh by 2021. After considering economic feasibility, sustainability and environmental friendliness ADAMS decided to be the part of this successful journey and started ADAMS Renewal Energy Program – Solar Home System (SHS) to ensure the supply of solar electricity to the community people.
    • 2011

      Considering the scarcity of natural resources of fuel and energy, ADAMS starts Biogas project under Renewal Energy Program in rural areas in Khulna district. For the development support services to Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) program also initiates with the help of Department of Women Affairs (DWA).

    • 2012

      ADAMS has been working on elimination of child labour since 2003. To withdrawing children from child labour, providing them with education and assisting their families with training and employment opportunities contribute directly to creating decent work for adults, ADAMS collaborated with the concern Ministry of the Government and implement Reducing Hazardous Child Labour in Bangladesh project.

    • 2014

      To improve the socio economic situation of the target women and their families through strengthening their self–help attitudes, skill development training, development of entrepreneurial skills as well as establishment of income generating activities through micro credit support ADAMS has started Socio-economical support and Capacity Building to improve the Livelihood of poor Slum Dwellers (CBLSD).
    • 2015

      Bangladesh is the 6th most vulnerable countries in the world facing the potential impacts of climate change. ADAMS tried to put it’s sensible effort to implement the Community Climate Change Project (CCCP) to bring desired outcome in the project area. It is an adaptation project that aims at enhancing the capacity of selected communities to increase their resilience to the adverse impacts of climate change.

    • 2016

      Implementing of the development projects are completed in phases under the TR and Kabita programs to improve the infrastructural uplifts in rural areas of various upozilas and Khulna City Corporation as well under the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief.
    • 2017

      ADAMS has always been given concentrates on the ultra-poor of the society to improvement of quality of life. For the slum dwelling people of selected 25 slum areas of Khulna City Corporation through providing the preprimary education for the slum dwelling children and micro credit assistance to support the slum dwelling poor beneficiaries for adopting suitable Income Generating Activities (IGA) ADAMS started Integrated Program with Pre-school for Poor Slum Dwellers (IPPSD) project.



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