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ADAMS is ideally located not in the city center of the Khulna City Corporation (KCC) area rather, in a place from where it can run its operation smoothly with maintaining fair distance from the branch offices. ADAMS is containing / maintaining a user friendly working environment with all

modern facilities including wide space of movement and natural views of trees etc. in South West Bangladesh.




ADAMS Integrated Training Institute (AITI)


ADAMS established ADAMS Integrated Training Institute (AITI) in the Khulna City Corporation (KCC) in 2007 for the urban poor to transfer technology to potential urban slum dwellers people for skill development and livelihood earning. AITI offers short courses on major 7 trades are like Automobile, Welding, Electrical, Electronics, Primary Nursing, Tailoring & Sewing, Block-batik & Embroidery and Computer Office Management with workshops and necessary tools & materials facilities. The Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) has given the affiliation. The technical skill development courses of this institute are role model in the urban development arena.

The institute have 3 separate modern two-storied buildings which also offer as a venue for training, meeting, workshop, wedding, birthday and personal gathering in the South West Bangladesh. AITI provides accommodation completely individual and elegant; our rooms offer the ultimate in comfort. Equipped with classic furnishings, the soul of AITI lies in its charming cultural decor. Ideal for business or leisure, we offer Wi-Fi and smartly designed work areas in each guest room. Our guest rooms offer a relaxing environment; large balcony, the spacious windows let the sunlight in and provide views of local community. This institute has 8 exclusive guest rooms. Each room is unique, offering its own welcoming atmosphere to make you feel welcome.




ADAMS Integrated Training Center (AITC)


ADAMS Integrated Training Center (AITC) in rural areas vindicates the laurel of ADAMS’s success in terms of rural poor people’s self-reliance and income opportunity creation. AITC is established in Mollahat, Bagerhat in 2003. AITC comprised with modern buildings for Administrative work, Trade shades, Auditorium, Project office and Principle quarter with guests accommodation. The two storied building, principle quarter is well equipped with classic furnishings; smartly designed work areas; relaxing environment; large balcony, the spacious windows let the sunlight in and provide views of local community. The Center also have a nursery and a big pond to make the environment eco-friendly as well as crates some earning sources by fish culture and vegetable farming.

AITC is a Prototype of AITI, having The Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) affiliation as well. AITC offer short courses on Automobile, Welding, Electrical, Tailoring & Sewing, Block-batik & Embroidery and Computer Office Management. The curricula have been devised with complete framework and updated tools and technologies transfer to rural poor communities to undertaking independent enterprises for livelihood earning. Graduated students have their access to start-up capital to meet up initial investment requirements.


ADAMS Mother & Child Health Care Center (AMCHC)


ADAMS has always given priority and has been working on health issues for the underprivileged people of the rural communities, especially; adolescent girls, mothers and children since its inception period through Motivation Centers (MCs). In this regard / context, ADAMS is able to establish ADAMS Mother and Child Health-care Center (AMCHC) in Mollahat upozila, Bagerhat in 2007. Through AMCHC, a well-equipped 10 bedded hospital service, ADAMS is providing preventive and curative health support. AMCHC provides clinical facilities including operation theatre, pathological support, ultra-sonogram etc. to the rural poor community at very low cost. A dedicative medical team including doctors (MBBS) have been giving their sincere effort to promote awareness programs on primary healthcare and family planning along with treatment service delivery, consultation, referring support and low cost essential medicines supply.




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