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ADAMS (Association for Development Activity of Manifold Social-work) is a non-government development organization works for the underprivileged poor people of a low income country like Bangladesh. In the development process of ADAMS, priority is always given on the participation of the beneficiaries to transform the human deprivation into human resources through making the poor potential people self-reliant. ADAMS, indeed, is a tool for the accomplishment of the dream of empowerment; reveal potential human resources, community participated disaster management and its risks reduction, climate change adaptation, rehabilitation, preservation of human rights, poverty reduction, health consciousness, basic education and vocational training.

ADAMS development efforts is not merely to achieve sustainable economic uplift for its beneficiaries-but also to revive lost moral values in a state of democracy, just, conscious and eco-balanced society.

In the above aspect ADAMS General and Executive Committees play important role and involve in the activities of the organization spontaneously. Thus the planning and implementing wings together for enhanced outputs and impact


Vision / Mission / Core Value / Objective


Our Vision:

To establish eco-balanced welfare society.


Our Mission:

Strengthening underprivileged people with the tools needed to deal with existing inconveniences and to protect destitute, deprived and distressed.


Our Values:

ADAMS was born keeping in mind to support poorer of the poor’s to remove blindness of the superstition, enhance capacity to earn more to be self-reliant, to make conscious of healthcare, education, human rights, food security, gender issues, child rights, disaster management and climate change affairs. Our ultimate goal is to exempt people from inconveniences of the society in order to establish an environment where people can live with peace and harmony having equal rights and dignity. ADAMS wants to be a legend for its exemplary contribution to the marginal people.



ADAMS overall objective is to enabling target people deal with socio economic, environment and right based impediments. Our main objective fields are structural and non-structural measures, fact finding and advocacy.



Key Focus Areas


Capacity Building

ADAMS capacitates underprivileged poor people for improving their self-reliance. Different need based technical courses are offered from the indoor training institutes of ADAMS to reduce the dependency on weather dependent livelihoods in the rural and urban slum area deeming vulnerable to climate uncertainties to nonfarm livelihoods.

Economic Empowerment of Women

ADAMS builds a strong base to scale up women’s economic empowerment by promoting education for both child and adults, training on different components to start off business with the startup capital support. ADAMS also promotes women’s right in the work place and equal social norms.

Mother and Child Healthcare with Nutrition

ADAMS’s health program comprises activities to uphold national millennium goal of this sector. ADAMS provides preventive and curative health support from its ADAMS Mother & Child Healthcare Center (AMCHC). Awareness promotion on primary healthcare and family planning along with treatment serving delivery, consultation, referring support and low cost essential drugs supply are the major sector in this concern.

Climate Change; Adaptation, Mitigation & Resilience

ADAMS is implementing comprehensive climate change management program focusing adaptive capacity building, adaptation and mitigation interventions. Adaptive agriculture & fisheries, housing WATSAN are the major elements for climate change adaptation. ADAMS contributes in the mitigation intervention through tree plantation, Solar Home System (SHS), & bio-gas plant installation, solar irrigation pump, solar street light, windmill and Improved Cooking System (ICS) practices.

Food security, Shelters for homeless, Emergency Response

As a part of strategic program implementation the utmost keen interest of ADAMS to ensure vulnerable group development through sustainable livelihood. In this point of view, Food security, Sustainable livelihood, Housing for shelter less are the key concern of the organization with help of concern donors and partners.


ADAMS have been implementing projects and establishing disaster management systems since it’s inception period with the help of Government and other partners. ADAMS approaches include saving lives and livelihood, distributing relief, providing shelter as well as building communities resilience to adapt any emergency or crisis.

Inclusive Governance

Poverty & social injustice are caused by unequal power relations and inequitable distributions of resources, opportunities between power holders and marginalized communities. Using social accountability tools & local political economy analysis CARE deepens democratic process by institutionalizing and monitoring government planning and budgeting and ensuring participation, responsive strategies & solutions.



Legal status


ADAMS is duly registered with the Directorate of Social Welfare Reg. No. 544, GoB as non-government organization, NGO Affairs Bureau Reg. No. 855, under foreign donation regulation ordinance 1978 and also registered with Micro-Credit Regulatory Authority (MRA) Reg. No. 0000130


NGO Affairs Bureau

Social welfare

Micro Credit

Reg. No.: 855

Dated: 13.09.1994

Prime Minister’s Office,

Government of Bangladesh

Reg. No. Khulna-544

Dated 13.05.1994

Directorate of Social welfare

Government of Bangladesh

Reg. No. 02008-02954-00130

Dated: 30.01.2008

Micro Credit Regulatory Authority

Government of Bangladesh




Management structure / Plan of operation

For the successful implementation of any project an effective plan is necessary. To ensure the proper execution of the project, ADAMS carries out programs according to the following plan:


i) General Body (GB) is decorating organizational policy & directs to the Executive Committee (EC) to perform. In this regard, in all sense of power & policy, the General Body holds it absolutely.


ii) The Executive Committee (EC): EC of ADAMS composed of 7 (Seven) members who are elected by the General Body (GB) of ADAMS approved by the Government authority would hold the top most authority of delegation of executing power and makes policy to execute programs implementing through Executive Director. According to the decision of Executive Committee (EC), Executive Director is liable to execute all programs with the combination of EC and must be accountable to EC.


iii) Advisory Board (AB): To implement a project, we use to form an advisory board to receive constructive suggestion and valuable discussion to bring out a fruitful outcome in favor of the program.


iv) Executive Director: The Executive Director executes all the decision and resolution of Executive Committee (EC) of ADAMS. He consults with the Advisory Board when required; He/she is the Chief Executive Officer of ADAMS. At all level Executive Director is liable to EC for the performance of his duties and responsibilities.


v) Deputy Executive Director: He / She is responsible to assist Executive Director to accomplish his assigned tasks. He is authorized to maintain communication with donors, partners and other government authorities/agencies for organization’s smooth operation. He / she is also responsible to ensure close collaboration with all the departments especially; Finance and Monitoring & Evaluation teams. Deputy Executive Director is liable to Executive Director for the performance of his duties & responsibilities.


 vi) Program Coordinator: Program Coordinator of ADAMS is responsible to coordinate all the support needed to perform the project activities properly. He is authorized to closely monitoring & supervision of all sorts of development works as per project proposal & plan of action. Moreover Program Coordinator is liable to Executive Director for the performance of his duties & responsibilities.


vii) Director Admin & HR: He/she is responsible to implement all administrative policy and personnel affairs with the consultation of Executive Director.


 viii) Finance Comptroller: He/she is responsible to answer any question on finance including budget, loss & profit etc. and he is considered to be the chief of all accountants including the chief one.


 ix) Monitoring & Evaluation (M & E) Cell: ADAMS has a powerful & efficient monitoring & evaluation cell to monitor the programs.


Networking, Partnership, Civil Forums & Alliances:

Why we do?

As cooperation, coordination & “we” feelings are the major keys to success; ADAMS executes interaction with multifarious institutes and agencies to work together for the betterment of the people.

What we do?

In this concern, ADAMS maintains communication and networking with series of local, national & international organization. In the recent past, a good number of projects were implemented with the patronization of national & international donors. Among them Bridge of Light, Germany, Integrated Center for Climate Change Adaptation and Development (ICCCAD), Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL), Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF), Bangladesh Bank (Central Bank), Winrock International, Krishi Gobeshona Foundation (KGF, Agriculture Research Foundation), Khulna University, Credit and Development Forum (CDF), different directorates of GoB, Ritsumeikan University, Japan are the major associates of ADAMS. The organization also keeps a link with local and national civil society like Nagorik Forum (citizen forum) and Community Policing Forum etc.

ADAMS also cooperates to researcher PhD students coming from several national and international universities like Independent University in Bangladesh, Imperial College in UK, Arizona University, Boston University and California University in USA etc.


What’s in mind?

We are dedicated to do something better for the mankind. Here after, we inspire every individual or organization to enhance social activities and shoulder the responsibilities to build a green world, work for the food security, human rights and peaceful society where every individual may have his / her dignity.



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ADAMS (Head Office)
130, Kedernath Road, Moheswar Pasha
Daulatpur, KUET-9203, Khulna.
Phone: +(88) 041 774426, 041 774048
For General Enquiries: admin@adams-bd.org
For HR/Vacancy: hr@adams-bd.org

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