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Drawing on nearly 25 years of experience, ADAMS has been supporting and taking initiatives to improve livelihood of the disadvantaged rural and urban slum dwellers, women’s empowerment, reducing global warming, child education, health and nutrition, family hygiene, water and  sanitation, renewable energy, reducing child labor and the withdrawal of child labor from risk oriented job, encouraging school dropout youth and women to get skill training on suitable trade lines, like Tailoring and Sewing, Automobiles, Electrical, Electronics, Welding, Block-batik, Computer Office Management, Primary Nursing, Poultry rearing, Kitchen gardening, Fish culture and Nursery from ADAMS training Institutes in Khulna City Corporation and Mollahat under Bagerhat district with free of cost and involve these families with “demand driven products” through providing microfinance support to the target group members to get rid of them from the cruse of unemployment  and improving their living status in the society.


The website reveals the picture of the organization where the targets, achievement, drawbacks, challenges etc. are incorporated in form of data and some pungent description of activities. The actual scenario is not so easy – because of the planning and designing, indulged efforts, approaches, strategies and ground work for the achievement always stay behind the screen.


Envisaging our experience and expertise, please consider ADAMS as your partner in achieving solutions to the different problems in the arenas of education; health & nutrition; women’s empowerment; capacity building; climate change adaptation and mitigation; conserving agricultural and natural resources; renewal energy; reduction of disaster risk and emergency response development at south west in Bangladesh. For further information, please explore this website and feel free to contact us as well.


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