Children Education

Why we do?

We believe, ignorance is responsible for sin, lagging behind, receding from existing manifold opportunities & creating impediment in practical life and only education can remove inconsistencies of it. Many people do not or cannot realize the importance of education due to lack of information, ambient superstition and archaic belief or not able to afford educational expenses for the kids.


Why we do?

We have 64 Motivational Centres (MCs) / pre-school to educate children free of cost coming from marginal families living in rural areas and in slums in Khulna City Corporation. The accessories of education are also given free of cost to the children. Since learning is a continuous and lifelong process, the mothers of the same children are also taught under adult literacy program at the same MCs so that they can at least read, write and count to perform small trade and daily life activities.

Apart from taking academic sessions, ADAMS’s integrated education program renders cultural education to uphold moral value, health education to improve
consciousness on health & hygiene practices, human rights education to secure basic rights and environmental education to improve environmental knowledge of local population altogether.

What’s in mind?
We like to rescue the poor from the curse of ignorance and assist them to continue their lives eliminating obstructions to have a better life.

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