• Background

    ADAMS works as hub for under privileged people using their patentialities transforming human deprivation into human resources undertaking development initiatives since 1994 by the collective efforts of educated positive thinkers.

  • Vision

    To establish eco-balanced welfare society.

  • Mission

    Strengthening underprivileged people with the tools needed to deal with existing inconveniences.

  • Objectives

    Overall objective of ADAMS is to enabling target people deal with socio economis, environment, and right based impediments. Our main objective fields are structural and nonstructural measures, fact finding and advocacy.

  • Legal Entity

    ADAMS is duly registered with the Directorate of Social Welfare, GoB as non-government organization, NGO Affairs Bureau, under foreign donation ordinance 1978 and also registered with Micro-Credit Regulatory Authority (MRA).

  • Target People

    The major beneficiaries of ADAMS are rural poor & marginal prople, slum dwellers, environmentally streesed people, ethnic communities, socially excluded people, physically and mentally challenging people.